Yes. If you receive a message that is suspicious or inappropriate, we encourage you to report it immediately as it will protect yourself and others from those acting with ill intentions.

To do this, go to your Inbox and open the conversation with the person you are looking to report. In the menu bar of the message, you will see a flag icon. Click this icon and a pop-up will appear with various options on why you are reporting this person. Select the most relevant one and click “Report.”

When a conversation is reported, our support team immediately receives a notification and is able to review it to determine whether the user will be permitted to remain on site. If removed, the user’s profile and conversation history will be immediately removed and they will no longer be able to communicate on site.

We do not follow up with whom reported the message as the notification we receive is automatic. If you would like details on how the situation was handled please do not hesitate to contact our support team directly and we will get back to you.